Social Media Marketing

So what is Social Media Marketing

To simply put, it is the use of social platforms for marketing and promoting your product or service. Social media marketing is widely referred to as digital marketing.

Why Social Media Marketing

Who does not have a phone today? and there are tablets, iPad, Laptop, Desktop, Alexa, Google, Siri etc. And then there is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whats App, YouTube, Blogs and what not. So what does this mean to you? Well every digital product or service is a great medium to market your product. Imagine every customer on earth using any of these products or services, you can get in touch with and market your company, product or service. The demographics of audience you can connect with is limitless and could have been never thought of using traditional marketing methods. Also, it is intelligent, smart and helps you market to the right customer you have been looking for.

Most social media platforms have built-in data analytics tools, which enable companies to track the progress, success, and engagement of ad campaigns. Companies address a range of stakeholders through social media marketing, including current and potential customers, current and potential employees, journalists, bloggers, and the general public. On a strategic level, social media marketing includes the management of a marketing campaign, governance, setting the scope (e.g. more active or passive use) and the establishment of a firm's desired social media "culture" and "tone."

When using social media marketing, firms can allow customers and Internet users to post user-generated content (e.g., online comments, product reviews, etc.), also known as "earned media," rather than use marketer-prepared advertising copy.

Is it very expensive to do Social Media Marketing

Well, there is nothing that comes free, however it dead cheap compared to traditional methods in comparison to the reach and audience Social Platforms can generate for you. And with time, with insights and analytics, your returns on investment becomes better and your overall cost of marketing keeps going down.

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